Wet Shave or Dry Shave? Which one is best for you?

Wet Shave or Dry Shave? Which one is best for you?

Wet shave or dry shave? This is a decision facing everyone who shaves!

Shaving is a big part of a grooming routine. People have been using all types of devices to remove facial hair for years. There have been dozens of products and accessories specifically designed for just that reason. Sometimes it is a method and not the device that needs tweaking. We are going to discuss the merits of both wet and dry shaving to help you pick the best option.

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What is Dry Shaving?

Dry shaving means shaving without water, shaving gel, soap, cream or other forms of lubrication. Dry shaving is just your skin and the shaver. It’s a quick and easy way but does have some drawbacks.

What are the benefits of dry shaving?

Perfect for men with very little time

The main reason behind dry shaving is the speed and convenience. No preparation, no mess, and no additional product required. Just bring the shaver to your face or head and after a few minutes, you’re done.

Shave anywhere, anytime!

Dry shaving can be done anywhere. Any shaver that is cordless and battery powered can be used. Driving to the office, during your hectic schedule at work, or during a short coffee-break. It is easy to find the time and you don’t need to be near running water. 

Shave anywhere, anytime


What is Wet Shaving?

Wet shaving means shaving with water, shaving gel, shaving foam or soap.

What are the benefits of wet shaving?

Wet-shaving provides an incredibly close shave.

Shaving gel, foam, or soap applied before wet shaving opens the pores, stands up the hair, softens the hair, and provides a protective layer over your skin. The softened hair is easier to cut, and since the hair is lifted away from the skin, it can be shaved closer to the skin. 

Reduced skin-irritation

According to grooming experts, when switching to wet shaving, you are likely to experience a decrease in skin irritation. The shaving soap provides additional protection and lubrication, allowing the blades to glide over the skin with less friction, in turn causing less friction based irritation. The additional moisturization provided by the shaving cream and soap also helps condition and repair the skin while shaving.

Consider these factors when deciding between wet or dry shave:

Skin type

Shaving cream or gel is generally used to prevent skin irritation. If your skin is more sensitive, it’s best to use cream or gel when you shave. If irritation has never been an issue for you, then feel free to take advantage of the time save that a dry shave offers.

Hair type

Wet-shaving is usually necessary for thicker hair since it makes the hair easier to cut. The cream or gel keeps the skin protected and comfortable underneath. Finer hair is easier to cut, so the skin needs less protection as the razor will not need as many passes for a clean shave.


A wet shave requires time to prepare and space to use and dispose of water or shaving lubricant. If you have a routine with a stop built in for grooming, then a wet shave is not an issue. If you can’t find the time or place, then the dry shave will keep you looking great.  

The Experience

Some people find the act of shaving relaxing and soothing. Others just want to be done. If you want to turn shaving into a relaxing experience, try wet shaving. If you want to get the shave done quickly, maybe dry shaving is a better choice. 

What is right for me?

Both shaving methods can be incredibly effective and may deliver the comfortable, close shave we’re all after. Choosing one technique is a matter of personal preference, individual expectations, and shaving habits. There is no right or wrong answer.

It is worth noting that your skin takes approximately a month to adjust to a new shaving method. If you’re making a switch, give a little time for your skin to adapt.

Wet or dry, here is a great solution for whichever you choose!

Skull Shaver: Pitbull Shaver

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Pitbull shavers give you the freedom to shave the way you prefer-  Wet or Dry

Pitbull shavers use IPX5 technology and are water-resistant giving you the freedom and convenience of shaving in the shower, as well as easily rinsing your shaver under running water. Naturally, Pitbull shavers are also perfectly adapted for dry shaving offering a high-quality close shave and exceptional results. Pitbull shavers give you the freedom to shave the way you prefer. Wet or dry, with shaving foam or without. The results are impeccable each time. The ultra-flexible flexing shaver blades offer easy access and extra reach to all areas of your head, face, and neck. The rotary heads have multi-directional rotation to adjust to the shape of your head without missing a single hair. No nicks or cuts, just a perfect shave. 

If you are stuck at work, you can go for dry shaving. If you want to pause your hectic lifestyle, try using high-quality soaps and creams creating a luxurious and enjoyable experience for yourself. You can use a Skull Shaver shaving brush to apply and get that barbershop feel. 

Thanks for reading this article. We hope this helps you with selecting the shaving method that’s right for you. May all your shaves be smooth and enjoyable.

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